Middle Eastern Destinations

Experience The Middle East Magic

So you want somewhere different to go to for your honeymoon? Somewhere exotic with plenty of history and excitement combined with places of beauty! Then the Middle East may be your new destination for your honeymoon. The Middle East is a spicy blend of ancient history! A variety of religious and cultural legacies, as well as stunning sights! Not to mention friendly people, excellent cuisine and lively bazaars, where you will be able to purchase souvenirs of your Middle Eastern honeymoon. The Middle East is the region of the world which links Europe to Asia and Africa. Nowhere is this more evident than in the Egyptian city of Cairo, where ultramodern office buildings and chic restaurants stand side by side with mosques, citadels and churches many centuries old. This is the chance to explore the wonder of the Egyptian Pharaohs – see the old buildings, wonders such as the pyramid and the Sphinx. Watching the sun setting over the Nile is an unforgettable experience, as is gazing at the great Pyramids, floating in the Dead Sea or exploring Jerusalem's holy sites. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Biblical towns such as Bethlehem and Galilee, or simply spend your honeymoon relaxing on a white sand beach. Middle Eastern music, painting, dance and literature can all be discovered through museums, festivals and live performances. There is something mystical and magical waiting to be discovered on your honeymoon. Extensive archaeological excavations have been made in parts of Israel and Egypt, revealing relics from the Roman age such as magnificent amphitheaters in Beit She'an and Alexandria. Israel and Egypt are both filled with history and tradition. A Middle Eastern honeymoon allows you the chance to explore, uncover and understand these ancient people. There are wonderful examples of architecture, excellent shopping markets, cuisine and more. Make this your honeymoon to remember forever.

Top 15 Tips For Shopping In The Middle East

It is a well known fact that every holiday includes the delight of shopping. Even tough you may promise yourself you'll resist the bargains (that often become clutter around the house after a couple of months), nevertheless you'll end up in the souvenir shop for 'little' shopping for your loved ones. If you are traveling to Turkey, Egypt, or Morocco it becomes harder to resist this incitement. As a person who travels frequently to Middle East, I'd like to share some of my personal experiences with North American travelers who are planning to visit these countries:

Seeing The Great Pyramids Of Ancient Egypt In Cairo

Seeing the Great Pyramids, one of the ancient wonders of the world, is a once in a lifetime trip for many people. Because of the travel distances involved for most tourists who go to Egypt, advance planning is definitely required. In many cases, a visa from an Egyptian consulate would be required in advance of a trip. There are many tour agencies located around the world with access to organized trips to Egypt that would make things much easier for many travelers. There are even Egyptian Tourist Authority offices located in Europe, North America and Japan to help with information on travel to Egypt.

Vacation In Dubai

Dubai is such an exciting and diverse travel destination that it attracts millions of visitors annually � particularly during the winter months when the weather is perfect for every single activity from sunbathing and scuba diving to camel racing and desert safaris.