European Destinations

Barcelona Spain

The capital city of Catalonia, Barcelona Spain is the second largest city in the country. It is located in the comarca (similar to a district) of Catalonia, along the Mediterranean coast and between the mouths of the rivers Llobregat and Besos.

Skiing In France

If you enjoy skiing, there is nothing more exhilarating than the prospect of skiing through France. Whether taking advantage of some of the world's best downhill runs, or heading cross country, France is a skiers paradise, and somewhere definitely not to be missed for any winter sports enthusiast. Amidst some of the world's most breathtaking scenery, the fresh alpine air and magically contoured runs are truly a once in a lifetime experience. It really is no wonder that France is highly regarded as one of the best skiing nations in the world.

Which Disney Vacation Is Right For You

You've decided that you're going to go on a Disney holiday. But where should you go? Which Disney experience is best for you and your family? There are several options to choose from so its not surprising if you're feeling confused about which Disney holiday is right for you. Before getting down to the details on timing, pricing and length of stay, here is an overview of your Disney options:

Best Reykjavik Pubs To Get Pissed In

When you think of places for you and your mates to go to on a pub crawl, stag do or just to party, then Ibiza is probably top of your list. And whilst a Southwest flight, the equivalent to Hooters with wings, and a trip to the party island is a tempting option for a night of fun, a new contender has risen in the form of Iceland's capital city and all round stunning place Reykjavik. It may be cold up here but this country is amazing to look at, the people are incredibly friendly and they have no army, navy or air force and the police don't carry guns. It's like Tijuana without the fear of waking up naked in a cell.

History Of Spain

The history of Spain is one of the richest in the world. Here is a brief account of how Spain came to be the country that it is now:

Walking Holiday In Norway

Most people look forward to spending their holidays out of the country. It is not a mystery really, especially if one has a very stressful job. All that stress can build up and erupt. So at some point you just want to leave it all behind, unwind and enjoy life with just you (or with you and your better half or with you and your family, whatever the case maybe) and your holiday destination. Nowadays, there are a lot and I mean a lot of types of holiday vacations, each one bringing out a different experience. From a ship cruise to a hiking trip, from simple kayaking to a walking holiday in Norway, everything is just like a buffet of holiday destinations and tour packages. And nothing is more interesting than going a walking tour to Norway, the land of the midnight sun.

Treat Yourself And Travel To France

No country embodies the grandeur of European travel quite like France. From the international artistic reputation of Cannes to the luxurious leisure of the Riviera, France has demonstrated a remarkable capacity to overcome a tumultuous history by enriching the quality of life with those experiences. The diversity of the country will leave you stimulated, satiated and asking for more when you finally treat yourself and travel to France!

A Norway Holiday Enjoying Cultural Events And Festivities

Traveling to a country is amazing enough but finding the right time to enjoy the rich cultural heritage and various festivities that the country has to offer can make your vacation nearest to perfection. Enjoying cultural events and festivities in a Norway holiday should be the target of all tourists who are planning to visit the country. The land of the midnight sun has a rich history and culture to offer especially to those who are itching to experience the country's flavor and to adventure seekers alike.

Greek Travel Destinations

If you want to find the right places to travel in Greece, you have a variety of choices. Below are just a few that could serve as a guide for your traveling pleasure.

Prague Cafes And Castles

Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic is an extraordinarily beautiful city. Standing on the banks of the river Vltava (the locals generally use the German name for it the Moldau). Few wars or natural disaster ever reach here and the architectural heritage has been beautifully preserved. It is also know as the "Hundred Spired City" due to the many churches that adorn the city streets.

Bohemian Prague

Prague is a the shining jewel of Central Europe, so well preserved it is seemingly frozen in time, and for part of the year that is literally true. Prague is the only major European city that managed to avoid bombardment during the World Wars, which provides for an enchanting and almost eerie 14th century feel when standing in the middle of Old Town Square. Travel to Prague to experience a society visibly layered with histories of occupations, transitions of avant-garde artistic and musical movements and, underneath it all, a firm commitment to everything Czech.