Best Reykjavik Pubs To Get Pissed In

Best Reykjavik Pubs To Get Pissed In

When you think of places for you and your mates to go to on a pub crawl, stag do or just to party, then Ibiza is probably top of your list. And whilst a Southwest flight, the equivalent to Hooters with wings, and a trip to the party island is a tempting option for a night of fun, a new contender has risen in the form of Iceland's capital city and all round stunning place Reykjavik. It may be cold up here but this country is amazing to look at, the people are incredibly friendly and they have no army, navy or air force and the police don't carry guns. It's like Tijuana without the fear of waking up naked in a cell.

Tourism is booming in the country and the number of visitors has quadrupled in the recent years as can be seen in the graph below

By day this thriving city has a reputation for being calm and peaceful with students, the elderly and metrosexuals hiding their pain as they sip espressos with a determined gusto. Once night comes, however, it becomes a drinker's paradise as the sedate cafés transform into raucous bars that serve every type of nectar known to man.

Each bar has its own unique flavour from, trendy wine bars, taverns themed around the Dude, to the pre-requisite English pub, with only the passed out women and vomiting twelve year olds missing. It does have a dart board though.

Not only do the bars come in an amazing variety, but the beers do too, from European lagers that need to be sipped with your little pinky in the air, to South American liquors that could degrease an engine in seconds, to Iceland's own beer which is surprisingly tasty and surprisingly alcoholic – so much so that after just three of these frothy wonders I forgot who I was and woke up in Germany without my passport. The sheer depth and breadth of drinking related shenanigans is astonishing and the more raucous spots are supplemented by a slew of quieter and unusual bars that offer a more sedate, chilled out experience. One bar even includes a frat party style game of Wheel of Fortune game that allows you to win free shots. More on that later.

But the problem is with so many fantastic bars available, where do you start and which places should you and your buddies not miss? Well read on to learn more about the two bars we think should be on everybody's pub crawl itinerary in Reykjavik.

The English Pub

What bar crawl would be complete without a good old English pub. But whilst an English styled pub in Reykjavik may seem like a strange idea, with over 35 types of beer from all around the world, one of the best whisky selections anywhere, and huge screens showcasing every sporting event imaginable, the English Pub is like England minus the bad teeth and "Cor Blimey Guv'nors". On top of this local soft rock bands play live in the main room every night with the gusto of Mötley Crüe on acid. Even better than that, there is a happy hour daily from 4pm-7pm too and the aforementioned Wheel of Fortune game where free drinks are won daily.

The Lebowski Bar

Who doesn't want to visit a bar dedicated to The Dude, Jeff Bridge's slacker from the Coen brothers incredibly famous The Big Lebowski film. This unique experience has rugs stuck to the bar (not a euphemism), diner-style tables, and a f*****g bowling alley. That's right a bowling alley in the middle of a bar. On top of this the beer and food are all American themed, with milkshakes, draft beers, and twenty types of Vodka accompanying the burgers, fries and nachos, making the place feel like a home from home, which is good in a country with zero McDonalds restaurants. There's no doubt Iceland is a stunning country and Reykjavik is a wonderful place to visit under any circumstances. But the next time you and your buddies are looking for a place to go out and let loose, then keep this small island in the North Atlantic in mind. You won't be disappointed.

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